Stove & Chimney Services

Chimney Cleaning/Sweeping Call: 0879501001 or 0449374339

HooverOur chimney cleaning service is carried out using the most advanced equipment for the job, ensuring that there is minimal interuption to you home. Each sweep commences with a visual inspection of the appliance, stack and cowls. Our trained sweep will then thouroughly clean your chimney to the highest standard using specialised Brushes and Vaccum System.

Following you Chimney Clean we will then give you free advice on the following:

  • CO posisioning
  • Ventilation
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Formation of Cresote & its prevention
  • Fuel choice & future maintenance

We will then provide you with a valid certificate of safety which may be very important in the event of a Chimney Fire while dealing with your insurance company.

Stove or Cooker Cleaning, Stove Repair & Maintenance
Call: 0879501001 or 0449374339

 It is very important for all Soild fuel stoves and cookers to be regularly serviced and maintained for fuel efficieny reasons and more importantly for safety reasons. We provide a full cleaning service for Solid Fuel Stoves & Cookers. Our training allows us to easily assess your appliance and are fully aware of the practicalities of rope seals, glass replacement, cleaning and replacement of damper and baffle plates and riddling and de-ashing of grates.

Does Your Stove Look Like this?

Dangerous StoveDangerous Stove

This is how it looks following a clean by us!

Serviced Clean Stove


 Stove Installation & Certification Call: 0879501001 or 0449374339. 
Multifuel Stove Installation
--Solid Fuel Stove Installation--Wood Burning Stoves Installation--Boiler Stoves Installation--Inset StoveInstallation-- Cassette Stove Installation.

We supply and install stoves. We are professionally trained and have the technical ability to install any stove, any size. Our stove fitting is carried out using only long lasting connections and adhering to the most stringent building regulations. If you decide to buy your own stove, call us first for the best advice on size and heat output to suit your situation. Following Stove Installation by us we certify the installation and advise you on the future maintenance of your appliance. We also supply new fireplace surrounds and Custom Hearths to suit your new stove and we can install a stove into an existing fireplace or into a room without a fireplace.

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Fireplace PreparationSealing Stove
Final ChecksAlmost there


 Stove Installed

CCTV Investigations & Pressure Testing

Chimney & Flue CCTV testing. These specialist services  may be required following a chimney fire. Call us for more details. 0879501001

Smoke & Draw Testing

 We carry out a  free smoke and draw test with each stove or chimney clean.

 Chimney Draught Stop Installation

We are approved agents for the new Chimney Draught Stop Technology. The Chimney Draught Stop is the only certified solution guaranteed to eliminate all draughts from chimneys in Ireland. It has been independently tested to give you guaranteed annual heating savings and has been certified to comply with all the relevant ISO and BS standards and specifications. We also give you a guarantee on installation - "chimney draught eliminated or your money back".

The Benefits of Chimney Sraught Stop are:

  • Cuts your home heating bill by at least 15% annually
  • Prevents heat loss up your chimney when your fire is not in use
  • Eliminates the draught at your sitting room door and the draught you can feel at your feet while you are sitting down.
  • Increases heat output when your fire is in use
  • Fits 95% of existing and new fireplaces. It can also be manufactured to bespoke specifications
  • Increases your B.E.R. rating and reduces your carbon footprintDoes not interfere visually with your fireplace or room
  • Dramatically reduces, or totally eliminates, outside noise levels
  • It has no mechanical parts so is maintenance freeIt can be fitted in under two hours with no mess and no fuss
  • Irish owned and manufactured
  • Nationwide fitting
  • 5 Year guarantee

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